○In the case of inquires by e-mail. Please read the following personal information protection policy. Please apply after agreeing.

○If there is no reply within 3 business days, sorry to incovenience you.but please contact us again by e-mail or direct telephone.

Pro medical Co.,Ltd. Recongnizes the importance of  protecting personal information and thinks that it is our social obligation to properly protect personal information and strires to thoroughly promote personal information protection based on the following policy.

Company Policy

1.About personal information protection

The Company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information to directors and employees,places personal information protection managers on all confidential inforamtion and personal information held by the Company,properly protects personal information, continues We will take safety measures on a case-by-case basis.

2.About the use of personal information

We will use it within the range of purpose of use indicated only within the scope of collection purpose/ purpose of use the customer gavement. Hawever, when it is requested to be provided pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations, this is not the case.

3.About providing personal information

We shall use and provide personal information only within the scope of collection purpose/ purpose of use the customer gaveconsent.

4.About management of personal information

We will maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage this safely and properly.

5.About disclosure,correction and deletion of personal information

We confirm that we have the right to request disclosure,correction,deletion etc concerning personal information of infprmation-based entity, and if there is such request,we respond promptly without objection.

6.About review and improvement of personal

information protection provision.

We will comply with the laws,policies and guidelines applied in relation to efforts to protect personal  inforamtion and continuously review and improve the efforts of personal information according to changes in the social environment.

7.For inquiries concerning handling of personal

information held by our company, we will respond at the consulation window below.


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